Literature Text Translation & Audio Synthesis using Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services

About the website ‘Literature Love’:

The website URL:
Source Code:

Literature Love website — Thirukkural

How it's done?

Its really easy to get started with this. All you need is experience working with basic HTML,CSS, Javascript and Azure Account (Sign up for a free account!)

Solution Architecture — Literature Love

Let’s get started….

Create Azure Cognitive Services Subscription Key

Login into your Azure Portal and Create a new resource -> Cognitive Service. Fill out the relevant details. Refer here to create the same.

Cognitive Service Key

Translation of Kurals and explanation

Copy paste the key and the region in the headers as mentioned in the code.

Creating the Audio Synthesis for the text translations.

Load the exp.json (thirukkural translation json file) in your Javascript code and add click listener to the button which will invoke the Azure Cognitive Service — Text to Speech API.

Deploy the application in Azure Static Web App

Now that our whole website is ready, its time for the final step: DEPLOYMENT

  1. Create a repository in Github and upload all the source files.
  2. Go to Azure Portal -> Azure Static Web App (Preview) -> Create
  3. Enter the relevant details and sign up with your Github Account for the deployment details.
  4. Select your repo and the branch.
  5. Create
Azure Static Web App Service
Website is deployed successfully

How you can contribute to this amazing initiative

As a Literature Lover

If you are a literature lover irrespective of any language, you can help us by contributing the original text of literature to us by filling up this form.

As an API Developer

You can help us by creating APIs for the original literature texts. You can find the original texts in the same Github repo. The APIs will help us to create Translate and Text-to-Speech services in an easier way.

As a Web Developer

You can improve the website by working on developing and maintaining the website (usage of other Web tech stack like MERN etc is welcomed). You are just an issue or pull request away from making a big change towards the initiative.

As a Python/ML Developer

You can help us perform the Translations and Text-to Speech for the literature texts and review the same. On the future run, you can help us creating own ML Models to perform the same. Wanna have a chat or need help getting started, you are always welcomed to ping me in my social media handles.

Azure Developer Community — Chennai
Azure Developer Community — Madurai
Azure Developer Community — Coimbatore
Microsoft Reactor — Bengaluru
Microsoft Azure Newsletter



If you have made to this far end of the article, clap yourself for your amazing interest in tech, literature and also for this article. Don’t forget to leave comments about this blog, website and I am all ears and that’s how we grow together as a community. Time to hop on to this awesome initiative and let's make this Readers’ world a fun and enjoyable place.



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